One Year is a series of photographs taken over the course of one year. Chosen for it's idyllic beauty, the site was photographed from a wooden stand on a regular basis and strung together to visually show the passing of a single year. This is a video piece that is one minute in length.



Roadside Topiary, 2015, 23 pages with 20 color plates digitally printed and cover letterpressed in 3-colors, 7 x 10.

I started this project as I was commuting daily through the small towns and rural landscapes of western Massachusets and New York state. The following 20 photographs were taken along the roadsides, during the years of 2011-2015. All photos taken within a 50 mile radius of Hudson, New York, during routine trips to the bus stop as well as other events my son participated in and required a driver. Once I started seeing these pruned trees, they were everywhere, and looking out for new specimens on these drives made the commutes infinitely more interesting.