Created during a residency at Tipoteca Graphica type museum, Valdobiadena, Italy. Using the same wood type in an italic face, todays menu was created, starting off with a Minestrone and ending with a torte alla cioccolata. Each page composed by color in the bed of a Vandercook and printed. Edition of 2.

Venetian Boats: Beatrice, (Francesa, Elena, Darla, Mara, Carolina), 2006, Woodcut with hand lettering in gouache, Edition of 3, 27-1/2 x 19-1/2 inches
Made in Venice, Italy in Tintoretto's studio. Actually the place of his birth, and has been operating as a print studio under the his namesake (though no family relation) for years. Infuenced by hanging laundry seen everywhere, and the boats also seen everywhere that are named after the women who labor doing that laundry. Names are hand painted in gouache and irons are printed from woodcuts. Printed on Magnani Incisioni

The Grand Gowanus, no. 1 (no. 2, no, 3, no. 4), 2008, Giclée prints, Edition of 10, 4 1/8 x 11 inches
Sets of all 4 prints presented in custom paper portfolio.

I have photographed the Gowanus Canal of Brooklyn New York and the canals of Venice Italy and paired them together here so they show a very similar vantage point, forcing them to almost be viewed as one. The Gowanus has been compared to Venice time and again, yet this comparison seems little more than commercially driven optimism. The photographs, made as stereo prints present the images side-by-side are intended to allow a third image to appear in 3-dimension in the mind’s eye of the viewer.

Utilities: Water Works and Electric Co., 2008, Letterpress using linoleum cut and polymer plate on Magnani Incisione, Edition of 133, 13-1/2 x 11 inches
My version of the Electric Co. and Water Works Utilities. Remember it's not a monopoly unless you own them all. This print is a combination of an original linocut and type set in Gill Sans.

Tourist Scenes Series: West Entrance, (Roosevelt Lodge, Old Faithful, Wapiti!, ), 2105, 8 digitally printed postcartds, 4 x 6 inches
Featuring some of the most iconic imagery of the the nations largest national park. The tourist becomes part of the landscape itself.